Sarah Raplee


   (Psychic Agents Series Book 1)

   A tenacious FBI Psychic Agent who can find anything…
   A lonely blind wedding singer with a dangerous kiss…
   A brutal psychic criminal obsessed with killing one and   controlling the other…
  When the Cartel targets Meli for kidnapping, Hector loses    his focus. When Meli blows his cover, she loses Hector’s      trust. When Meli rescues Hector from a torture chamber,    Hector might well lose his battered heart.

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  Magick brings these couples together.
  Will Magick tear them apart?

​  3 Romance Authors, 6 Magickal Stories

  •   Enchanted Protector
  •   Curse of the Neahkahnnie Treasure
  •   The Crystal Witch
  •  Ghost of a Chance
  •   Sarah's Ankh
  •   Grandmother Moon

  "Loved it! Fun, fun read! Plenty of Magick and romance.       A great read when you need a break from the daily grind    of life."  ~Kate Curran, Author 

Paranormal Romance ~ Unexpected Love